Northern Cambria Rifle Team

Cease fire!
This command can be given by ANYONE at ANY TIME. If you see an unsafe situation, announce it. If you hear this call, it means firing stops immediately. Not soon, not right after this next shot, immediately.

Is the line ready?
This is announced by the RSO to give notice that shooting is soon to start. If a shooter is experiencing a difficulty, this is the time to announce it. A proper response from a ready shooter is silence. A proper response from a shooting with a difficulty is Not ready on target ___! Provide your target number.

The line is not ready.
This is issued by the RSO to let the shooters know that shooting is NOT going to begin, and instead an investigation and assistance will be rendered to the shooter facing a difficulty. In this case all shooters should remain in place and await further instructions.

The line is ready.
Announced by the RSO when the line is observed to be ready to shoot.

Ready on the left! Ready on the right! Ready on the firing line!
These commands, given by the RSO with approximately 3 seconds pause between each of them, provide shooters one last opportunity to declare that they have a challenge and request that firing not begin.

Commence firing!
Given by the RSO approximately 3 seconds after announcing the readiness of the firing line, informs shooters that they may begin shooting. For the NC home range, this command is given verbally. Please be aware that at other ranges this command may be given in conjunction with, or replaced by, a whistle, light system, horn blast, by a mechanical unveiling of targets, etc. Please know the rules for the range you are shooting at. These should be announced at the beginning of the match.

This is announced by the shooter to alert the RSO that a rifle has failed to fire. Due to the possibility of a hang fire, the appropriate action is to keep the gun pointed in a safe direction, generally down range in this case, and await for the RSO or coach to assist.

This is functionally identical to a Cease Fire! command. Anyone may call it, and everyone stops shooting immediately.

Unload the rifle.

Show clear
Demonstrate that the rifle is cleared. This means unloading it if it is not already. The action must be opened. Use of an ECI (Empty Chamber Indicator) is appropriate.

Is the line clear on the right? Is the line clear on the left?
This command is given by the RSO in preparation for declaring the line to be clear. If for some reason you are having trouble clearing your rifle, you should speak up.

The line is clear.
This indicates that all firing has ceased and the line is verified clear. Additional instructions are likely to follow.

Make the line safe. / Ground your rifles.
This command, or some close variant, instructs to place the rifles on the floor and do not touch them until told otherwise. Typcially there are going to be people going downrange to retrieve / hang targets.